All updated Ecocash USD and ZiG fees and limits in 2024

Ecocash is the most used platform for financial transactions in Zimbabwe which everyone probably already knows about. Incase you missed it, Ecocash is a mobile payment solution offered by Econet. Econet can be used for sending money, making online payments, getting instant loans, receiving money from other countries among other basic functions.

Latest Ecocash USD and ZWL Charges | Tino Mazorodze

Ecocash USD & ZiG Charges and Limits Calculator Tool

The tariffs for USD and ZiG transactions might be confusing for most people especially on a table. Use our simple calculator tool below to do your financial math.


Latest Ecocash USD Charges

Ecocash USD charges as of February 2024 - Tino Mazorodze Blog

As shown in the image above ecocash charges vary depending on the transaction type and whether or not the user is registered or not. Here are the charges in simpler terms:

  • For registered users sending less than $5 costs 1.3% of the amount whilst sending up to $500 costs 2.3%.
  • For unregistered users sending less than $5 costs 3% of the amount whilst sending up to to $500 costs 4%.
  • Cashing out is free of charge for unregistered users.
  • Cashing out cost 1.7% for all registered users.
  • Registered users can cash in free of charge but unregistered users cannot cash in at all.

Latest Ecocash ZWL charges

Bands Sending Money Fee Bill Payment Fee
$1000 - $1499 146.42 130.10
$1500 - $1999 197.73 173.46
$2000 - $2499 247.17 218.64
$2500 - $2999 296.58 262.38
$3000 - $5000 5.30% 5.50%
>$5000 5.50% 5.30%

As shown in the table above Ecocash charges for ZWL transactions vary depending on the amount. Ecocash charges for other basic operations such as Balance enquiry, account history, bank statement and bank balance enquiry cost $75 each time you perform the operation.

Ecocash Operations such as airtime topup, changing pin and bank to wallet are free of charge. Also note that all transactions above ZWL2500 are subject to a mandatory 2% Intermediated Money Transfer Tax (IMTT).

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