Here are all up-to-date Mukuru Money Transfer Charges

Want to send cash to someone far from where you are? Dont know how much it will cost you? Dont worry, in this article I will tell you how much Mukuru will charge you for sending cash anywhere.

Latest mukuru money transfer charges | Tino Mazorodze

Mukuru is a financial services platform mostly known for sending money locally Zimbabwe as well as other countries in Africa and even other continents. With Mukuru Pay you can also pay for your DSTV bills.

Updated Mukuru Charges Calculator (2024)


Updated Mukuru Money Transfer Charges Overview (2024)

Generally Mukuru Money Transfer charges a 6.67% commission on all transfers when its the same currency.

When sending money internationally the charges include a 7% fee and the rest is calculated through exchange rates. Inorder to know exactly how much you need to send for the receiver to get a certain amount of money use the calculator above.

Mukuru charges for business services

Mukuru also offers 2 other business services on its Enterprise Payment Platform:

  • Aid Distribution
  • Employee Salary Payments

These enterprise services have custom prices meaning any interested business can negotiate rates with Mukuru directly.

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