A list of all Netone USSD access codes you should know in 2024

We all sometimes find ourselves struggling to remember a short code when we really need it. In this article we will solve this very common problem so be sure to save this one for future reference.

All Netone USSD Short Codes | Tino Mazorodze

A list of all the netone short codes

Short Code Use Case
*171# ZWL Airtime Bundles OneFi Balance Inquiry
*379# USD Bundles
123 Netone Customer-care
*111# OneMoney Menu
*120# Check your mobile number or current time
*130# Turn off OBB (Out of Bundle Browsing)
*140# Hurudza Agro Content Service
*134# Check airtime balance
*133*recharge_pin# Airtime top up
*371# Onecliq and Business Bundles
*265# ZEC Voter Registration Inspection

Netone short codes full detail

  • *111#: Register One Money and perfome basic operations such as sending money and balance inquiry.
  • *120#: Check the current Zimbabwean time and date on option 1 and check your mobile number on option 2.
  • 123: Call for the netone customer care and get self service or get connected to customer service agents.Call 12
  • *130#: Allow OBB with option 1 or Block OBB with option or check OBB status with option 3. OBB stands for Out of Bundle Browsing.
  • *133*pin#: Top up your airtime balance by replacing pin with digits on a scratch card or virtual recharge pin.
  • *140#: Subscribe and manage Hurudza Agro Content Service
  • *134#: Instantly check your available ZWL and USD Airtime balance including the expiry dates. Also check MoGIGs Data balance and expiry date.
  • *171#: A broad short code which includes the following main options; Dollar A Day, One Fusion, Bundles, Khuluma 24/7, Dzidzo, Airtime Recharge, Balance Enquiry.
  • *265#: Check your voter registration details with option 1.
  • *371#: Buy RTGS OneCliq packages or Business Bundles. OneCliq is a discounted voice bundle for a group of users.=Cliq
  • *379#: Buy USD Bundles such as Voice Bunle, Data Bundle, Social Media Bundle, Combo and SMS. Also check your bundle balance with option 2.

Note that dialing any of the above short codes has no charge associated with it and a decent network is required for proper servicing.

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