Tino Mazorodze Potrait

I’m Tino Mazorodze. I love technology and venturing into innovative projects.

I’ve loved exploring technology for as long as I can remember. When I turned 8 I got my first Computer and I instantly fell in love. I spent most of my time browsing on the internet and playing video games.

Starting Form 1 at St Faith's High School I got introduced to programming and by default I loved it and was apparently good at it. Like the entrepreneur I am today young me decided to profit from my skills and had people pay me to do their Computer Science projects for them.

3 years later I got bored of Visual Basic programming and that is when I bumped into web development. I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials and read a lot of documentation online on Front-End Web Development. I have explored various other frameworks, languages and libraries since then across Mobile App, Desktop App and Web App Development

Today, I’m the founder and CEO of Mazorodze Ventures which is rather known as MazTech. We are a venture capitalist company which aims to drive the internet industry of Zimbabwe in the right direction and empower regular Zimbabweans with the knowledge and skill required to take advantage of the internet.