10 things you must know about using Starlink in Zimbabwe before you buy it

Before we dive into the exciting news of the 200 megabytes per second internet speed offered by Starlink Internet its very crucial to note that Starlink is yet to be approved by POTRAZ in order to operate. Being in position of Starlink's internet kit as of now is a crime which might put those found behind bars.

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10 important things everyone should know about Starlink in Zimbabwe

Starlink, a satellite internet constellation project by SpaceX, has gained significant attention worldwide for its promise of providing high-speed and reliable internet access in remote and underserved areas. Before you start planning on buying Starlink Internet here are 10 things you should definitely know:

1. What Starlink is in Zimbabwe:

Starlink is a satellite Internet service provided by SpaceX, aiming to deliver high-speed, low-latency broadband globally. Despite its global presence, Starlink faces regulatory challenges in Zimbabwe due to the absence of proper licensing.

2. Requirements for Using Starlink Internet in Zimbabwe:

To access Starlink in Zimbabwe, users typically need a Starlink kit, including a satellite dish and related equipment. However, the current regulatory environment in Zimbabwe might influence the specific requirements for legal use.

3. Starlink Availability in Zimbabwe:

As of [current date], Starlink is not officially available in Zimbabwe due to regulatory issues. The government's telecom regulator, POTRAZ, has threatened legal action against individuals and businesses advertising or distributing Starlink equipment.

4. When Starlink is Coming to Zimbabwe:

Expectations regarding Starlink's official entry into Zimbabwe remain uncertain. While there are reports of a potential partnership with local company Dandemutande, the regulatory approval process and legal hurdles may impact the timeline.

5. What Happens if You Get Caught with a Starlink Kit in Zimbabwe:

Possessing or using a Starlink kit in Zimbabwe without proper licensing can lead to legal consequences. The telecom regulator has expressed intentions to conduct nationwide raids to apprehend violators, and arrests have already been made in certain regions.

6. Starlink Price in Zimbabwe:

The total cost of Starlink in Zimbabwe, if and when officially available, is not currently known. Pricing details, including subscription fees and equipment costs, may be influenced by regulatory approvals and potential partnerships with local resellers.

7. Starlink Installation Process in Zimbabwe:

In order to install Starlink in Zimbabwe legally, users would need to follow the approved installation process outlined by the telecom regulator once the service is officially licensed. The process is likely to involve setting up the satellite dish and related equipment.

8. Starlink Internet Speed in Zimbabwe:

While Starlink is known for providing high-speed, low-latency Internet services globally, the actual speed in Zimbabwe would depend on various factors, including local infrastructure, satellite coverage, and user demand.

9. Where to Buy Starlink Kit in Zimbabwe:

As of now, there is no official channel for purchasing Starlink kits in Zimbabwe due to the lack of licensing. If the reported partnership with Dandemutande materializes, users may be able to obtain Starlink services through authorized resellers.

10. Disadvantages of Using Starlink in Zimbabwe:

Potential disadvantages of using Starlink in Zimbabwe include regulatory uncertainties, legal risks, and the absence of a licensed operating status. Users should be cautious and stay informed about the evolving situation before considering Starlink as their Internet service provider.

In conclusion, while there is anticipation and interest in Starlink's entry into Zimbabwe, potential users should closely monitor official announcements from regulatory authorities and Starlink itself for accurate and up-to-date information.

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