The richest Zimbabwean Companies in 2024

Zimbabwe's business landscape is home to a diverse array of thriving companies that play a pivotal role in driving the nation's economic growth. From multinational conglomerates to homegrown enterprises, the top 10 richest companies in Zimbabwe represent a dynamic mix of industries, showcasing resilience and innovation.

Top 10 Richest Companies in Zimbabwe | Tino Mazorodze

Business Statistics in Zimbabwe 2024

  • The GDP in Zimbabwe for 2023 was $32.22 Billion
  • There are over 500,000 registered business in Zimbabwe
  • Only 3% of businesses in Zimbabwe make a monthly profit above $10,000
  • Most Zimbabwean businesses are retails grocery shops

Top 10 richest companies in Zimbabwe in 2024

Rank & Name Market Cap Est Employees
#1 Delta Corporation $0.6 Billion 5000
#2 Econet Wireless $0.3 Billion 2500
#3 Inncor Africa $0.2 Billion 10000
#4 FBC Holdings $0.1 Billion 800
#5 CBZ Holdings $0.1 Billion 1300
#6 Old Mutual Zimbabwe $85 Million 1000
#7 Seed Co $82 Million 800
#8 African Distillers $50 Million 300
#9 Meikles $45 Million 600
#10 CAFCA $25 Million 1000

In conclusion, the top 10 richest companies in Zimbabwe are more than just financial powerhouses; they are the backbone of the nation’s economy, providing employment, driving innovation, and contributing significantly to the country's GDP. These companies have demonstrated resilience in the face of economic challenges, showcasing the strength and potential of Zimbabwe’s corporate sector.

The diversity among these leading corporations, spanning various industries from mining and agriculture to telecommunications and banking, highlights the multifaceted nature of Zimbabwe’s economic landscape. Each company not only excels in its respective field but also plays a crucial role in fostering economic development and stability within the country.

As Zimbabwe continues to navigate its economic journey, the performance and growth of these top companies will be critical indicators of the nation's progress. By staying informed about these key players, stakeholders and investors can better understand the opportunities and challenges within the Zimbabwean market. The future looks promising for these companies, as they continue to innovate and expand, driving Zimbabwe's economy toward greater heights.

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