Here are the highest paying top tech companies in Zimbabwe in 2024

Most people think you can't be rich from employment in Zimbabwe. That's only true to a certain extent as there are a number of companies which pay over a $100,000 per year. The catch though is usually it takes years of climbing ranks and gathering qualifications to get to that level which most of us cannot afford. Starting your own business is the best way to get rich but unless mom and dad are rich you need to start somewhere and if you are into tech skills then this article is for you.

Highest Paying Top Tech Companies in Zimbabwe | Tino Mazorodze

Top 10 Highest Paying Zimbabwean Tech Companies in 2024

For this list, we compared the average annual compensation of tech professionals at leading companies in Zimbabwe. The data was corroborated with salary structures from various sources, including employee reviews and industry reports.

1. Econet

Average annual compensation: US$150,000/year

Econet Wireless is Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications company, offering innovative solutions and a robust market presence. They provide opportunities in software engineering, network management, and business operations. Top executives at Econet often receive competitive salaries, significantly higher than the industry average.

2. Old Mutual Zimbabwe

Average annual compensation: US$120,000/year

Old Mutual is a well-established financial services group in Zimbabwe with a significant focus on technology. The company provides financial services and invests heavily in digital transformation, offering high salaries to attract skilled professionals in tech roles.

3. Ecocash Holdings

Average annual compensation: US$100,000/year

A subsidiary of Econet, Ecocash Holdings specializes in mobile money and digital payment solutions. Known for its generous compensation packages, Ecocash Holdings seeks to attract top talent in software development, fintech, and IT infrastructure.

4. Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Average annual compensation: US$100,000/year

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a major player in broadband and digital services across Africa, offers competitive salaries in Zimbabwe. They focus on cloud services, cybersecurity, and fiber optic communications, providing lucrative opportunities for tech professionals.

5. Telone Zimbabwe

Average annual compensation: US$80,000

Telone is one of Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications providers, expanding its digital services and infrastructure. They offer attractive salaries to professionals in network engineering, IT support, and digital service management.

6. Netone Cecullar

Average annual compensation: US$80,000

Netone Cellular, a significant telecommunications company in Zimbabwe, is known for its competitive compensation packages. They invest in network expansion and digital services, providing ample opportunities for skilled tech workers.

7. Xfinity Pros

Average annual compensation: US$50,000

Xfinity Pros specializes in digital marketing and website development, making it a growing player in Zimbabwe’s tech landscape. The company offers competitive salaries to attract creative and technical talent in web development and digital strategy.

8. WebDev Group

Average annual compensation: US$40,000

WebDev Group is a leading web development and IT services provider in Zimbabwe. They offer competitive compensation to attract skilled developers, focusing on web design, e-commerce solutions, and custom software development.

9. Utande Internet Services

Average annual compensation: US$30,000

Utande is an internet service provider expanding its reach in Zimbabwe. They offer competitive salaries to attract tech professionals in network management, customer support, and IT services.

10. Dandemutande Private Limited

Average annual compensation: US$30,000

Dandemutande is a key player in Zimbabwe’s internet and data services sector. They offer attractive compensation packages for tech professionals, reflecting their commitment to quality service and innovation.

Final Thoughts on the highest paying tech companies in Zimbabwe

These companies represent the pinnacle of compensation in Zimbabwe’s tech industry for 2024. By offering competitive salaries, they attract top talent, drive innovation, and foster growth within the sector. For tech professionals seeking lucrative opportunities, these companies are prime destinations.

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