Discover the most followed Zimbabwean celebrity influencers on social media in 2024

Are you curious to know who's taking the social media scene by storm in Zimbabwe? In a world where social media influence reigns supreme, we've delved into the depths of Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to uncover the top accounts with the largest following in this Zimbabwean in as of May 2024.

Top Social Media Celebrity Influencers in Zimbabwe | Tino Mazorodze

Social Media Statistics in Zimbabwe

Before we dive into the list of the most followed Zimbabwean social media accounts lets take a look at a few statistics of the social media sector in the country:

  • There are over 400,000 Zimbabwean accounts on Twitter
  • On Instagram there are around 603,000 Zimbabwean accounts
  • On TikTok there are over 100,000 daily active Zimbabwean accounts
  • Only 2% of social media accounts in Zimbabwe have a following above 10,000

Top 10 Most Followed Zimbabweans on Instagram

Rank Username Instagram Followers
1 @prophetpassion 7.8M
2 @queenofswaggerofficial 4M
3 @uebertangel 1.9M
4 @madambosszim 1M
5 @buffalosouljah1 1M
6 @jahprayzah 992K
7 @shashaofficial1 716K
8 @ginimbi 608K
9 @ammarabrown 530K
10 @maitsdiaries 516K

Top 10 Most Followed Zimbabweans on TikTok

Rank Username TikTok Followers
1 @shanaeandrenae 1.4M
2 @annatoria__ 1.3M
3 @zimtopest 573.6K
4 @madambosszim 542K
5 @mamavee_zw 412.9K
6 @astra632 373.8K
7 @magic_wacho 306.1K
8 queen_of_skits 285.2K
9 @kimberley_richard.x 229K
10 @yyolash 204.4K

Top 10 most followed Zimbabweans on Twitter

Rank Username Twitter Followers
1 @nelsonchamisa 1.3M
2 @edmnangagwa 1.1M
3 @ProfJNMoyo 968.2K
4 @advocatemahere 762.2K
5 @daddyhope 729K
6 @NewsDayZimbabwe 710K
7 @ZBCNewsonline 700K
8 @nickmangwana 632.1K
9 @TembaMliswa 616.5K
10 @HeraldZimbabwe 605.6K

All the numbers above are subject to change so I will try my best to keep them updated more frequently.

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